Desiic Free software, all with encryption
🌟Editor Plugin
OutlineX: Outline with regions for Sublime.
🌟Client Lib
EnIndex: Encrypted IndexedDB for webapps.
🌟Server Lib
Net.js: Simple Web Server for Node.js.
Desiic is a team started in 2022 after a few years of the concept Web3. Web3 and encryption are starting to be important to users. Desiic Team has been set to pursue this goal to benefit users.
The team is currently focusing on a series of web apps which users can use instantly without installation, with data encrypted the local-first way, and thus, privacy and information security are ensured. All Desiic web apps are in E2EE (end-to-end encryption) model, users can trust because only users can decrypt.
Desiic makes free software and always fully-featured free software for users, with some premium service packages are what users can opt in to enjoy more the quality of our products.
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